Sunday, February 10, 2019

A magic theater, pedophiles, archaeology, and American history


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Against their better judgment, the Dunphys have become podcasters, and it's a hit. The Boghouse tells a wild true story: in 2015, Matt and Melissa Dunphy spent their life savings buying a magic theater in Philadelphia ... owned by a pedophile. The next year, they discovered treasure underground on the site, and accidentally became amateur archaeologists.

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The Future Hannah Callowhill Stage

One day, 103 Callowhill Street will become a small multi-disciplinary performing arts venue called the Hannah Callowhill Stage, but the Dunphys soon discovered there was more to this adventure than simply real estate (although the real estate deal was exciting enough). After telling this gobsmacking story in person literally hundreds of times, they've recorded a podcast with all the sordid, gory, historically fascinating details.
"Funny, engrossing, a wild ride ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆"

The Boghouse is already winning rave reviews and 5-star ratings, and the top 100 charts on iTunes. Listen now and help support an independent podcast about the creation of an independent theater, by two crazy thirty-somethings trying to balance all of this chaos with careers in e-commerce and music composition.
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Episode 1: Introduction

Melissa and Matt consider investing in a live/work space and discover a real estate listing for a theater with a sordid past.

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Episode 2: Money

Melissa and Matt are frustrated by architects and banks. Will they prevail?

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Episode 3: Demolition

Melissa and Matt tear down walls and make surprising discoveries.

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Episode 4: Dig

Melissa and Matt unearth old pottery, and make a strong effort to stop unearthing old pottery.

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