Thursday, July 17, 2014

A sampling of work from the O'Neill: Red Fox / White Fox

I am pleased to report that thanks to all that blathering in my last blog post, more than one choir director has expressed an interest in programming It's strange about stars... at some point in the future, so I am hopeful that, even if I don't have any luck with the Twin Cities Women's Chorus competition, it will get a premiere some day soon. This is good, because I would be disappointed if something I've written that I actually like was left by the wayside.

Also: by request, I have arranged it as a viola quartet, for those of you out there lucky enough to know four or more violists: download the score and parts here. I suppooooose theoretically you could also play it with up to three violin parts, but where's the fun in that.

While I'm in a sharing mood, I figure I should give you a taste of some of the musical products of the O'Neill 2014 National Puppetry Conference last month. The following tracks were created for the amazing and mesmerizing and extremely crush-worthy duo Red Fox / White Fox, aka Jordan Morley and Lisi Stoessel. Here they are performing their participant piece with live music created during improvisations in rehearsals with the very talented Diana Sussman (here on melodica):

Red Fox | White Fox @ the O'Neill Puppetry Conference 2014 from Jordan Morley on Vimeo.

I recreated Diana's work for an extended version:

After I came back to Philly, Red Fox / White Fox asked if I could whip up a second track for two marionettes they are working with, and here's the result of that (also improvised—I think I was channeling Arvo Pärt that day—with Matt working his magic on delay effects):

I meant to write this up and post it in time to help promote this cool performance that Red Fox / White Fox mounted in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago, but I suck pretty hard at writing up things on this blog in a timely fashion. You know what, you should check out how hot and awesome they are on their website instead.

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