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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Fonty font font

Matt has been very hard at work coding the back end (hurr hurr) of my new website, which will hooooopefully be all up and running soon. I'm going to be able to control database information SO much more easily than before (was using phpMyAdmin, blecch). The coolest thing about the front end is that the navigation for my compositions is going to kick arse, and each composition page will have a lot more information. The whole site will also be more streamlined and navigable, and the color scheme matches my physical office (as on this blog). That last part doesn't really affect you, but it makes sense to me, because I'm bored of the vanilla white and light grey thing.

One of the details I am wrestling with today is my go-to font for titles, which I also use for what I call the "Mormolyke Press stamp":

I originally picked it years ago without looking at the font's name, which turned out to be "Arabic Typesetting." Wait a minute ... does that mean..? Yes, it does: it's actually an Arabic font that happens to have Latin letters. It also ships with Windows, so I have no idea if Macs have anything similar. No matter, I figured; I only use it on stationery and header images, not as a web font.

During this website overhaul, however, I started looking into it a little more closely; is there a similar (Latin-specific) font? It looks a little like Garamond or (more closely) Iowan Old Style, but my favorite thing about Arabic Typesetting is the proportions, and those fonts looks all fat and dopey by comparison. It turns out that, according to the Microsoft page about the font:
[t]he Arabic glyphs are accompanied by Latin letters designed to achieve a balance of color, weight and proportion between the two scripts. Typically, the trend in co-ordinating Arabic and Latin types has been to unhappily force the Arabic to match the proportions of the Latin. In this font, lik [sic]
Annoyingly, the description cuts off there, and I can't find the rest of it anywhere. But I guess the conclusion I can draw is that the proportions of "Naskh-style" Arabic script are very pretty to me, and I want a Latin Roman type that mirrors them. This is tricky, and I am fussy.

Anyhow, back to it.
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