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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Asimov's Science Fiction!

Look at me, I got depressed again and blogging went by the wayside. In the months since my last blog, I have switched to a different antidepressant, and a lot of cool stuff has happened, particularly recently, but it's all a bit overwhelming, so I'm going to write about something small.

Back in July, an acquaintance of mine who just happens to be the amazing science fiction writer Tom Purdom had a story published in Asimov's Science Fiction. This led me to ask myself the question: why in heaven's name don't I subscribe to Asimov's Science Fiction‽ If ever a question was worthy of an interrobang, surely that one qualifies.

I bought a subscription, and my first one arrived today. HELLO topical cover story!!

Also, I was really happy when I opened the issue to the credits page and saw that Asimov's is basically run by women at the moment:


I don't allow myself much time for pleasure reading while my dissertation remains unfinished (ugh, more about that at a future date), but this, and future issues, will now be on top of the pile.
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