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Thursday, July 04, 2013

This week in America

[Sorry about the in-construction mess -- I'm waiting for Matt to implement my redesign of my whole website before I finish tweaking this blog template.]

This week, I noticed for the first time the foyer noticeboard display at my university's counseling and psychological services office. The wall around the noticeboard is decorated with flags from around the world, each printed with a phrase in the language of that country.

On the American flag, it says "Welcome."

On the British flag, it says "Welcome."

On the Australian flag, it says "Cooee cobber."

Cooee cobber.


I asked my therapist if there is an Australian on staff (there isn't) before I explained to her how hilariously ridiculous this is, because the thought had occurred to me that it was an insider illywhacker coming the raw prawn.

COOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEE, cobber! 'Ave a rippa Fourth of July with all your fair dinkum blokes and sheilas! Throw a shrimp on the barbie! Drink Fosters till you're pissed as a newt! Hooroo!
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