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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Kitten pictures, fried chicken and donuts.

  1. I spent more than two hours playing with kittens and cats. A few weeks ago, a stray cat gave birth to three kittens in our neighbor's shed (their shed door doesn't close properly). In that time, we've noticed a black long-haired male cat always hanging around, yowling and marking everything; he seems to be on really good terms with Mama cat, so we decided to assume he's Papa cat. He actually seems to be co-parenting the kittens, which strikes me as fairly unusual for stray cats. Must be a progressive new-age dad.

    The kittens venture into the spring sunshine soon after we first saw them.

    Papa stray cat is so tame and chill that I think I will have no trouble getting him to a vet sometime soon to have him neutered. He must have belonged to someone once. I have named him Cairo — not that we're taking him in; I just spent enough time with him that I felt he needed a name. He's covered in scabs and I'm worried he has FIV; I guess we'll see what the vet says. After today, one of the kittens is starting to get used to me, enough that I was able to pick him up and pet him, and he dozed in my lap. The other two and Mama cat are still too shy to let me get near.

    Papa cat Cairo and kitten

    Kitten not doing too badly at the whole human interaction thing.
    Cairo lounges in the background.

    Found the sweet spot on his back.

    Cairo much happier after a feed. We gave him some Frontline too.

    Mama cat and another kitten refuse to emerge from under our shed.

    Tabby kitten, meanwhile, is having a pretty good time.

  2. Matt wanted to try some cold brewed La Colombe coffee, so we decided to walk into the city for a late lunch. I figured we'd get burgers on the way to La Colombe, but on Sansom Street we passed ... a new branch of Federal Donuts! I have been itching to try this place for ages, but was turned off by stories of having to get up early and wait in line at their original store. But this branch, which I wasn't even aware had opened, was still doling out chicken and donuts mid-afternoon, and there wasn't even a queue. Hooray! we got twelve chicken wings (six each of Ballpark BBQ and Buttermilk Ranch) and a half-dozen hot fresh donuts. Oh my god. So good. A++++++ OUTSTANDING FOOD WOULD EAT AGAIN. I didn't even think to take pictures of the chicken and donuts. I just thought to eat them.
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