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Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer funk

I'm in the dark stage of the break where I realize that I've taken on way too many projects, and I feel very overwhelmed and pessimistic about everything. Small setbacks automatically translate into THE WHOLE WORLD IS SHIT AND I AM GOING TO FAIL. I stay indoors and try not to interact with anybody because I'm afraid I'll be one of those scuttling black holes of negativity that leeches light and energy and time from everyone who comes near. You know the type. Anyway, you're in danger just reading this blog entry.

School starts in about six weeks, and I'm not ready. And it's getting worse every day.

I hate everything.

Everything except the new Up Your Cherry website, which is the one thing I have completed this week (collaboratively with Matt):

It is pretty spiffy, I think, for something that was created PDQ.

Meantime, I dream of a time when I have less to do.
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