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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Backward and Forward: Anti-Social Music and Blind Date

Looking backward first: behold a long overdue recording of a live performance: from March 2011, here's Anti-Social Music and Handshake (my lovesong to the dial-up modem) in Brooklyn:

This made me so warm and fuzzy. I'm not sure that anyone likes Handshake quite as much as I do, but I don't even care. From my program notes on Mormolyke Press:
A raucous homage to the sounds of the Information Age in a setting of the Lorem Ipsum (dummy text used for centuries in print publishing, now most famously used in website design). Features representations of a modem handshake, DTMF tones, the sequence of powers of two, and nod to the famous "Captain Crunch" whistle of the 1960's, an icon of the phreaking and hacking community.
(BTW, yes, I am so freaking lame and slow. I should have posted about this stuff months and months ago. But hey! Help me atone by paying what you will for the recording -- what you will hopefully being more than $0, if you're not too poor.)

It's pretty awesome being a composer sometimes. Like when people play your music. That's cool.

Also pretty cool: when people let you play stuff while they dance. Looking forward to this Saturday, for which I'm cooking up an off-the-cuff performance with Niki Cousineau as part of Third Bird's Blind Date:

You can get tickets in advance. You should probably do that. I'm busting out my viola and likely a delay pedal.
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