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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What Up Your Cherry looks like (updated) and Borribles

In my last blog post, I threw together some pictures showing you the kinds of things that Matt and I are doing in Up Your Cherry. But now, thanks to the marvelous Kendall Whitehouse, we have proper photographic evidence from our show on Saturday at The Undead.

I am particularly cracked up by the one where I look like a Borrible. Ever since I read the Borribles books as a kid, and re-read them a couple of years ago, I've wanted to set all the Borrible song lyrics to noisy music.
Drink it and sink it and clink it again,
Swill it and kill it and fill it again,
Booze it and lose it and choose it again.
The world is a bad house,
A prison a madhouse,
To hell with all sober respectable men.

Here we go beer we go blear we go down,
Wine we go fine we go blind we go down,
Flesh we go meths we go death we go down.
This life is a face
Of the gods and the arse
Of the universe wearing the face of a clown.

Steal the stuff feel the stuff deal the stuff more,
Quaff the stuff laugh the stuff splash the stuff more,
Curse the stuff worse the stuff nurse the stuff more.
There's no good in thinking,
Oblivion's in drinking,
So pickle your brains till you drop to the floor.
If you don't know the Borribles, you should pick up the trilogy. Deliciously subversive, anti-authoritarian, dark (the deepest, blackest shade of dark) "children's" literature. They kill Wombles. Larrabeiti doesn't name them as Wombles, but it's hilariously obvious. I really love those books. I guess I'd have to look into all kinds of rights issues if I wanted to set the songs though. BORING.

We have more Undead shows through Saturday, and one show at Plays and Players on Wednesday - see our shows page for a complete list. Video evidence is being planned. Stay tuned.
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