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Friday, September 09, 2011

Introducing Up Your Cherry at The Undead and Girl on Gurl

As of two days ago, Matt and I have been married for eight years. [Want a trip down memory lane? Here's our wedding mini-site from 2003 and photos from our fifth anniversary vow renewal. Don't know what we're doing for our tenth yet!]

We've come through all kinds of weird crap, and done a bunch of growing together, and at the risk of sounding like I'm gloating and/or boasting, I can happily report that the state of the union is even better than when we started. Ridiculously good. We're pretty freaking lucky people. If you'd asked me 15 years ago whether I'd ever get this lucky in love, I would have cast a rolled teenage eye at my parents and said, "Are you fucking kidding?" And yet, here I am, madly in love with my husband. It's like we won a lottery and somehow avoided ending up miserable, drug addicted and broke because of it.

For most of our marriage, we haven't played music together, which seems very weird because we were both in actively performing bands when we met. It wasn't a conscious effort of avoidance; for my part, I think I was just scared at some level. Performing music has always scared me. I'm never nervous as an actor, but my stage fright as a musician is sometimes debilitating to the point of requiring medication (metoprolol has saved me many times).

Sometime last year, the two of us started bitching excessively about the current state of popular music, and suddenly we realized the only thing to do was to make our own. Composer/pianist Danny Lawson unwittingly came up with our band name when he misheard me saying "a piacere" in a Tesla's Pigeon rehearsal in November. It took a few months, but this summer we decided it had to happen.

When my friend, director/playwright Wally Zialcita, approached me and asked me if I would be interested in provided some pop music for his Fringe show The Undead, I saw my chance. Aaaactually, Wally: Matt and I are in a band now. We will be glad to play your music LIVE. You can't say no! And he didn't.

GIGS! We had gigs before we even had songs. Awesome.

What does this band look like? It looks like this:

Plus this:

And this:

And this:

Last night we had our First! Ever! Gig! as the house band for The Undead. Great success! We're playing a lot of undead-related covers as well as a couple of originals. We've also become the house band for one night of another Fringe show, Girl on Gurl.

If you want to see our shows (YOU DO), there is a complete list of dates and venues on our website (which is kind of a placeholder as of 7PM 9/9/11, so excuse design/functionality). Yeah, that is a crazy schedule for a brand new band. Trial by fire! And we're starting to line up more shows past the Fringe Festival.

You could also go to the relevant pages on the Philly Fringe website:

Zacherle Presents...

The Undead

Rep Theatre Presents...

Girl on Gurl
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