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Sunday, June 12, 2011


It has been so long since I last blogged, because of course, I've been busy, and rather than spending tedious minutes explaining all the things I've been doing since the beginning of last semester, I'm just going to start with what I'm doing now.

Today was the first day of the O'Neill National Puppetry Conference, here in sunny Connecticut. Oh, wait, it's not sunny, it's COLD AND WET AND HORRIBLE. But the conference itself is awesome and filled with awesome people. It was awesome last year, and it's even better this year because instead of suffering through that vaguely awkward new kid phase, I can look people in the eye because they know who I am. This year, I'm back as a staff member (music tech assistant) but I'll also be composing for myriad puppetry shows again.

I packed the station wagon and drove it up here on Friday. For those not aware, Matt and I own a Dodge Magnum now, for the purpose of going on the the Great American Roadtrip ™ next year:

Five weeks is still kind of a short amount of time for this journey, but with American vacation time being as paltry as it is, it's the best we're going to do before we retire (or before I start raking in so much cash as a composer that Matt won't have to work at all HA HA HA). We're tricking out the car to sleep in most nights. It's probably the largest vehicle I've ever owned, but I realized after we bought it that when I was growing up in Brisbane, my father had a big blue station wagon (dirty as hell and packed full of fun-to-explore, probably tetanus-infected hardware), and when I lived in Sydney, I owned a big blue station wagon (dirty as hell and packed full of band gear) which, incidentally, was condemned during a random police road check while I was hanging out with Matt in the USA for the first time. So, as much as I love teeny little cars, the big blue station wagon is kind of like a familiar home-cooked meal that was easy to digest (and remember how to park).

Here's a shot of the Magnum before I left Philly:

Contained within:

  • cello
  • electric cello
  • mandolin
  • mandocaster
  • violin
  • djembe
  • toy accordion
  • recorder
  • Assorted percussion: toy glockenspiel, maracas, chimes, thumb piano, egg shaker, tambourine, toy tambourine
  • Junkyard drumkit, put together Thursday night
  • Assorted electronic equipment: Stylophone, Kaoss pad, laptop loading with crap, soundcard, Tivoli radio, PA speaker, guitar amp, 6 microphones, mic stands, Alesis wedge reverb, Boss GigaDelay pedal
  • cables galore
  • assorted building materials
  • Clothes and bedding

  • I'm workshopping adding puppetry to a selection from Tesla's Pigeon. It's going to be RAD.

    Tonight I played my junk kit at Blue Gene's Pub on campus. I had one beer and got very drunk. Ahh, Wellbutrin, you reduce my tolerance chemically *and* by making me lose stupid amounts of weight.

    Anyway, as you can probably tell from this explosion of Babel, I am still a little tipsy, and I should probably get to bed, since I'll be up at 7:30AM tomorrow.

    Wifi is spotty here and cellphone reception is basically non existent. I am sorry if I appear to disappear. Do not get mad at me for not replying to your e-mails! I really, really hate when people do that. You know how you get too busy to reply to someone, and the next thing you know, they're leaving you passive-aggressive e-mails/voicemails/facebook messages complaining about how you don't pay enough attention to them (essentially)? I do not understand why people do that, because generally it makes me NEVER WANT TO TALK TO THEM EVER AGAIN. God.

    Enough! Good night.
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