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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cyber-stalking San Antonio and my fellow finalists

I was complaining to Matt last night that we haven't traveled recently, and he looked at me strangely and rattled off:

  • April: SEAMUS conference St Paul/St Cloud, Minnesota
  • May: Simon Carrington Chamber Singers in Kansas City, Missouri
  • June: O'Neill Puppet Conference in Waterford, Connecticut

  • Oh yeah. Huh. Apparently, if I don't travel for six months, I get kind of antsy.

    So, even though we'll be there for less than two days, and I'd never thought of Texas as particularly high on my list of must-see states, I'm excited for San Antonio. The Alamo appears to be practically downtown, so I guess we'll be stopping in there. (I wonder if Alberto Gonzales recalls the Alamo.) We also might be at the symphony concert on Friday night - my pitch to Matt was that the first, second, and fourth movements of the New World Symphony all appear in Ren and Stimpy. Truth. Click the links if you don't believe me.

    The other two finalist compositions in the NOA Chamber Opera Composition Competition are Review by Jeremy Beck and Patricia Marx and Confession by Raphael Lucas and Margaret Vignola. I looked them up, and I'm honored to have been selected alongside. The results of my cyber-stalking:

  • Jeremy Beck's website: he has a DMA from Yale, a very impressive resume/bio (I would kill for that Gramophone quote!), and is an attorney in his spare time.
  • His librettist Patricia Marx is a former writer for Saturday Night Live, and Review is based on a short story she wrote for the New Yorker! Here's an interview regarding her work on the opera.
  • Review was premiered at an Opera America convention, and also performed at a CCO gala.

  • Raphael Lucas is French and a recent graduate of Purchase College.
  • Confession was developed at Purchase and premiered by the Purchase Opera in 2009.
  • You can see clips of that premiere on the opera's YouTube channel. Holy crap, look at that production!

  • I feel pretty outclassed. But honestly, it's not the competition that matters, it's the camaraderie and networking that this opportunity presents. I'm hoping I get to meet the other composers/librettists at the contest, and very much looking forward to seeing what the UTSA students have done with Gonzales.
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