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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Welcome to November

This past week was perhaps one of the busiest of my life. I say this as someone who has battled a lifelong pathological addiction to busy and knows what busy is: the variety and breadth of activities in the past few days has taken the cake.

The Krang costume which I blogged about last time turned out to be the most viral thing I've done since Epstein-Barr in 1999. I'm over 173,155 views (and counting) on YouTube and around 100,000 views on Flickr. It's been featured on a bunch of other sites, including: If you want more information on how exactly I made the costume, check out the Gawker link, where I posted my process.

As someone whose career is dependent upon people noticing the things that I do, it was thrilling to the point of mania to watch all the attention this costume garnered over the past few days, and realizing with some amused chagrin that this fun little thing which I put together over four nights received something in the order of 10 times as much attention in a few days than the Gonzales Cantata, even though the latter took months - nay, years - of conception, gestation, and rearing, and was plugged by Rachel Maddow. I guess that reinforces my conviction that TV is close to becoming dead tech. And I think it will probably pay to keep in touch with my geek roots in my art.

Speaking of hundreds of thousands of people, on Saturday I attended the Rally for Fear and/or Sanity in Washington DC. There's so much press about it that I don't feel like I have to say too much, except to point you to some pictures that Matt took while we were there. Also, I hope you voted today. And if you voted for Pat Toomey, I hope you'll be prepared for my delicious schadenfreude when he is eventually caught with his gay lover, because my gaydar goes completely nuts every time i see his picture or hear him speak, and this instinct is only confirmed when I see his gay rights voting record.

The downside to all this excitement is that I define myself as a student and a composer, and this past week I feel I have done very little studying or composing, which makes me feel very stressed and anxious. WHO AM I!?

Incidentally, for the rest of the month, I am participating in the University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences "The Month of November: Blogged" project, so expect more frequent blogging for the next few weeks. In theory.
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