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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cynicism on a Saturday morning

I was doing my usual pointless clicking around on the internet after I woke up, waiting for my eyes to blink away all the make-up remover I used before collapsing into bed last night. One of the links I clicked was this: WWII: Women in the Fight.

This will probably sound horrible, but as I started going through the gallery, I wondered if they were going to show any women from Axis countries. And just as I suspected, they didn't. Because it would be weird to show German/Italian/Japanese women helping out in the war effort, since they lost.

I guess I feel sorry for those women, who were doing exactly the same things for their countries, but who will probably never be recognized in an unambiguously positive way. When we do hear about women in the Axis war effort, it's usually awful contexts like comfort women for the Japanese military. (Of course, Allied troops would never use rape in a war effort, right? We don't really need to discuss it.)

Then I wondered whether they would mention all the prostitutes who served troops on the front on both sides. Nope.

Aaaand now I'm depressed. Bottom line: war is hell. Yay for all these smiling women using the opportunity to break out of traditional gender roles, but spare a thought for the end result.
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