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Saturday, May 01, 2010

The online piracy debate in 1791

James Lackington was a London bookseller. The following excerpt is taken from his Memoirs: of the forty-five first years of the life of James Lackington:
I have been informed, that when circulating libraries were first opened, the booksellers were much alarmed, and their rapid increase added to their fears, and led them to think that the sale of books would be much diminished by such libraries. But experience has proved that the sale of 'books, so far from being diminished by them, has been greatly promoted, as from those repositories, many thousand families have been cheaply supplied with books, by which the taste for reading has become much more general, and thousands of books are purchased every year, by such as have first borrowed them at those libraries, and after reading, approving of them, become purchasers.
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