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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Help us bring the Gonzales Cantata to New York

For those of you who weren't aware, or haven't scrolled down yet, last year, my composition the Gonzales Cantata was giving an incredibly successful staging in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. The performances received some wonderful media attention, including a spot on The Rachel Maddow Show:

(After this segment aired, "Gonzales cantata" was the most searched term for three hours according Google Trends.)

The Cantata's second public performance is slated to take place at the prestigious Bard Conservatory in New York this April. As you know, the economy isn't in a particularly great place at the moment, and it was not possible to get as much grant funding as we would have liked for this performance, so we're turning to you for help.

We've started a campaign on the Kickstarter website - CLICK HERE! - and we're looking to raise $3,500. Kickstarter campaigns work on an all-or-nothing basis ' if we don't raise $3,500, none of the pledges will go through, and you'll be charged nothing. If we do reach our goal, you'll be charged for whatever you'd like to pledge on March 25th.

Please help support this project by contributing as little as $5 to our campaign. Every little bit helps! If you donate more, there are some great gifts available to you, such as CDs, tshirts, and a signed copy of the score. The payments are securely and instantly processed through Amazon. If all goes well, we're hoping to bring this production south to Manhattan, and your contribution will really help!

If you can't spare anything, I absolutely understand - but please consider taking a couple of seconds to spread the word by spreading the word to others you think might be interested.

In unrelated news, I hear Google is turning off FTP support for Blogger. Dammit. I'll probably have to do some awful tweaking to get the same functionality out of Custom Domains. But maybe it will inspire me to pay more attention to my poor neglected blog.
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