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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Moving pictures

I still haven't seen There Will Be Blood (cursed time, money, and mood), but like most of the internet, my gleeful attention was attracted by the I-drink-your-milkshake thing. Damon, the actor who plays Pericles, being aware of my glee, agreed to perform the following for the benefit of all:

Speaking of movies, I just discovered that Ron Fricke is making a sequel to Baraka, and it should be out later this year. Delight! The new film is called Samsara, and I will travel to see it if I must.

Pericles is currently in tech - we preview Wednesday and open Friday. A touch of bronchitis and exhaustion have left me slightly demotivated and petulant, but yesterday I bought a Yamaha GO46, so hopefully? I should write some music? Soon? I'd better; I'm supposed to have a computer music piece performed April 5 at West Chester U.
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