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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Recording of 'Black Thunder' from the Kimmel Center

For everyone who couldn't make it to the Poetry Project concert at the Kimmel Center last week (or for those who want to hear my piece again), here is a recording of Black Thunder taken on the night. Enjoy!

And some reviews/mentions are in:

  • Philadelphia Inquirer: "In the second half, Luke Stromberg's marvelous poem "Black Thunder," about the aftereffects of drink, was given an appropriately bluesy haze by Melissa Dunphy."

  • John Clare: "Notable was Melissa Dunphy's Black Thunder. Not only is she a friend, it turns out she is a delightful composer, writing very idoimatic for piano trio and baritone, but also with great sensitivity for the words and music."

  • Lesley Valdes, WRTI Critic-At-Large: "Melissa Dunphy's setting of Luke Stromberg's Black Thunder reflects the extravagance and paranoia of young love and its powerful ending."
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