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Sunday, October 07, 2007

short cuts

If you haven't seen the picture all over my Facebook/Myspace profiles, I had myself a haircut last weekend, right before the lovely Cliff and Danan and Tony Randazzo descended upon our house for a mini ETS get-together. Not that I have much time these days to spend on ETS, but it is nice to see people again in the flesh.

More daring even than my haircut, I am entering L'homme Armé in the SEAMUS electroacoustic composition competition, since I don't have anything to lose; nothing is going to come of it, because the piece is in a vastly different style to the usual SEAMUS ambient noise fare. The deadline is before the New Music concert, so I had to mock up something approaching a recording this weekend. The daring part is posting it here so you can listen to it.

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