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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Philip Glass Music on Sesame Street

In a composition class last semester, my professor asked me when was the first time I ever heard Philip Glass. I searched my memory, and was just about to say something about Einstein on the Beach, when I had a very sudden revelation.

"My God ... I think it was on Sesame Street. Do you remember those kaleidoscope segments on Sesame Street? Was that Philip Glass music? Jesus, it must have been!"

Dr. Nelson didn't know what I was talking about, despite having a kid about my age, but since I had my laptop in front of me, I ignored the class for a few minutes to search for a clip on YouTube (God bless YouTube), then interrupted his lecture to insist that everyone listen:

Of course, Dr. Nelson confirmed that it was unmistakably Philip Glass, and I was left to marvel at what a deep impression Glass' music must have made on me as a child of two or three. Who knows? Maybe being exposed to Philip Glass at such a young age was the reason I was so receptive when I heard Einstein on the Beach as a teenager.

I bring this up now because there were originally three Philip Glass scored segments on Sesame Street, and the other two were recently discovered by Matt, who knew I'd been looking for them at the beginning of the year.

This last one is the one I remember the most clearly.
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