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Monday, July 23, 2007


Two weeks ago, Matt's awesome employer gave him an iPhone.

A freaking iPhone. An 8GB one, too. His work is paying for the plan.

It's pretty awesome, but I am avoiding touching it. First off, it's Matt's, not mine, and I don't want us ever to tussle over it. Secondly, I don't want to get any ideas. I mean, it costs more than the brand new laptop I just bought. That's pretty astounding.

Thirdly, I've found myself less and less attached to cell-type gadgets lately. I realized the other day that I have owned a cellphone for ten years. That probably explains why I rarely answer calls; half the time, I don't even take my cell with me when I leave the house, and I probably check it less often than I check my e-mail. The first month I owned a mobile, in early 1998, I think I racked up a $150 bill. Now I don't even use all the minutes on my bottom-of-the-barrel cheapskate plan.

Even my cheap, ancient secondhand iPaq doesn't get much mileage during school holidays -- and it doesn't have any mobile capabilities beyond a CF wireless card.

Maybe I'm a little prejudiced against the iPhone. It's an Apple product, which would make us a couple of suckers if we'd actually paid for it. Also, on the day Matt brought it home, I had taken it upon myself to surprise him by reorganizing and repainting the bedroom we use as an office. "Look what I did!" I declared, beaming with the expectation of admiration, as he walked through the door. "Look what I got!" he replied. Oh, shit! He totally trumped me.

It is cool that we have an iPhone in our household, though. When we're out at the diner shooting the shit together, we don't have to file away for later all the queries that arise -- we can Google them right away. The maps feature is pretty cool (except when the network is out of range, which is why I still prefer paper maps in the car).

The aforementioned employer gave Matt a 30GB iPod for Christmas last year. Back then, I felt extremely guilty about using the iPod myself. We even had a pseudo-argument about it:

"You take the iPod."
"No, you take the iPod."
"No, YOU take the iPod!"

After this new development, I am perfectly happy to take the iPod.

P.S. This is totally Matt this past fortnight. It even kinda looks like him.

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