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Sunday, April 15, 2007

How Embarrassment, Or How Matt Met the Swopes

I'm having a stupid, stupid week.

Wait, it's not the week that's stupid, it's me. Lately I can't seem to do anything without screwing it up.

Take last night, for instance. The new music school building was given a gala opening. I thought I got Matt a ticket to attend. What I had actually procured was a ticket for today's repeat performance for the masses. Last night's performance was exclusively for people who had donated at least $10,000 towards the building development fund.

The ticket booth was kind enough to let him in anyway. They gave him a free seat in the second row.

The result of my gaffe was that Matt was the only person not wearing a tuxedo and probably the only person worth less than a million dollars attending a concert graced by the likes of Dick Hyman and Frederica von Stade.

The result of the ticket booth's kindness was that Matt was given a seat amongst the Swope family. I guess the seat was for a Swope who couldn't make it.

Just to clarify, for those who don't go to West Chester University: both the old and new music buildings are called the Swope School of Music.

I'm lucky Matt's such a charming guy. He chatted gaily with the guy in the seat next to him: Charles Swope, son of Charles Swope, and grandson of Charles Swope. All three are mentioned so often on West Chester businesses, buildings, scholarships, and awards, you feel like you know them, although you have no idea who they are. Hell, I didn't even know that there were three of them, all ridiculously successful.

Of course, Matt now knows who they are. And they know how Matt and I met, and that I am studying composition, and have bright orange hair. And I'm really glad that Matt had a smashing time literally rubbing elbows with the Swope family, but Jesus, can I get anything right this week?

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