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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Update of my To-Do List

  1. Clean the damn house I have half-cleaned the house. Sort of.

  2. Write song cycle based on Lucy's blog. I already have one song started, but I'd like to have at least three by the end of next week. First song is completed. I have an idea for the second.

  3. Tidy up recording of bass and pianist for "So You Want to Write a Fugue?" Done. Incidentally, Glenn Gould is a goddamn snot, the sort of snot that makes me want to punch him in the face and kiss him at the same time, which is the best kind of snot, I guess. Observe this passage towards the end:

    Hello, surprise atonalism in the middle of a Bach homage. Also, there's a section of the accompaniment that I'm pretty sure is a Wagner allusion.

  4. Finish reading American Shaolin and get started on the Proust.
  5. Study for my music theory exam
  6. Finish tiling and grouting the kitchen floor and backsplash, and install the dishwasher
  7. Practice the cello - PRACTICE IS NEVER FINISHED
  8. Practice the bassoon - PRACTICE IS NEVER FINISHED
  9. Practice singing - PRACTICE IS NEVER FINISHED
  10. Rebuild my laptop

  11. Rip Metropolis to my laptop and choose a nice fifteen-minute section of it to score in the next year. VIGOROUS SWEARING AND GNASHING OF TEETH GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR CUNNYKICK. Apparently, despite the fact that Metropolis was made in 1927 - that's eighty goddamn years ago, in case you weren't counting - it has not passed into the public domain. Wait, let me correct myself. It was in the public domain, but because of Sonny Bono's stupid fuck Mickey Mouse Copyright Extension Act, it suddenly became non-public property again. I didn't think that was possible, but holy fuck, it is. Words are insufficient to express my rage at the corporate-toadying US legal system's stranglehold on cumulative creativity. This is not the fucking point of copyright law! *smash*

    And no, this does not only apply to the 2002 Kino restoration, but to all copies of the movie. Check this out from a lawsuit filed in 2001 against the Attorney-General in this matter:
    Copyright restoration has had a similarly devastating impact on Festival Films's business. Before § 514 went into effect, Festival Films offered a wide selection of foreign titles of works that were in the public domain for failure to satisfy the requirements of the relevant Copyright Act. Festival offered these movies for sale to the public specifically because they were in the public domain. But, with copyright restoration, Festival can no longer. Copyright restoration has forced Festival to remove approximately 50 to 60 foreign titles from its selection, including such favorites as ... the classic Fritz Lang film Metropolis.
    So my grand plan to create a score for it and conduct it live in front of a projection of the movie as my senior project has been involuntarily canned. Instead, I'm laying my hands on a 1916 Danish silent film, Verdens Undergang (The End of the World), which has vaguely similar themes, I suppose. (I watched Cigarette Burns a few weeks ago, but that doesn't have much to do with it, I swear.)

    Incidentally, Metropolis will enter the public domain again in Year One 2023, unless some fucking Disney flunky douche asswipe bastard decides to extend the goddamn law again. I guess I should be thankful I didn't get this idea a few years ago, write it, then suddenly find my work unperformable in public as originally conceived without paying exorbitant fees.

  12. Counterpoint homework
  13. Build a theremin (if the parts arrive) (they haven't)

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