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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Feeling a little nuts. Just spent nine hours non-stop soldering. No plumbing disaster this time - I now have a complete circuit board for my theremin.

This is the first circuit board I have ever made from scratch. (Well, I assembled all the circuitry from a kit. Obviously, I didn't make the actual board, because that would be insane.) I was a little daunted when I opened the box to find a jumbled bag containing hundreds of resisters, diodes, and capacitors, and a virgin board, but it wasn't all that bad. If only Mr. Hayward, my high school physics teacher, could see me now.

I really wish soldering were more highly regarded as a skill (i.e. that I could make my mother proud by earning a Ph.D. in Advanced Soldering, then go on to have a distinguished soldering career complete with fame and loads of money), because, damn, I am better at soldering than I am at just about anything - this includes singing, which I did at a church this morning, for money, goodness.

Also, one day I am going to write a cyberpunk novel in which there exists a drug called flux, which would of course come in a paste and be burnt and inhaled a la heroin.

As you can see, I now have bright orange hair. The congregation seemed to like it, surprisingly, even the elderly ladies. It was a very cool church (as far as churches go).

This weekend I learned that the Danish word for 'end' (in the context of, for example, 'The End' on the final interstitial of a silent film from 1916), is 'slut.'

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