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Friday, March 09, 2007

Land ahoy!

I can't believe spring break begins for me in a couple of hours. HOW? Whither the first seven weeks of the semester? Where have I been? Was I here? There's a niggling feeling in a corner of my brain that any moment I will wake up, and it will be the beginning of January ... 2002.

Life's good, though. My conjunctivitis was gone in two days without any kind of treatment. I noted this week that it's impossible for me to walk through the music school without seeing people I know and like, and smiling. I just sorted out my schedule for next semester, and I'm looking forward to it. And 300 is open this weekend. What more could a girl want?

Here is a boring list of things to do over the break. Hey, it's good to have plans. Even if I have doubts about accomplishing any of them.
  1. Clean the damn house
  2. Write song cycle based on Lucy's blog. I already have one song started, but I'd like to have at least three by the end of next week.
  3. Tidy up recording of bass and pianist for "So You Want to Write a Fugue?" We're cobbling together the recording since our bass is spending spring break in Israel. Basically, this process is going to be like Frog and Toad all over again, I can tell. (Only, you know, without an immediate member of my family passing away in the middle of the chaos, touch wood.)
  4. Finish reading American Shaolin and get started on the Proust.
  5. Study for my music theory exam
  6. Finish tiling and grouting the kitchen floor and backsplash, and install the dishwasher
  7. Practice the cello. Maybe if I practice hard enough, I'll make up for all the lack of practice. Is that how this music thing works?
  8. Practice the bassoon
  9. Practice singing
  10. Rebuild my laptop
  11. Rip Metropolis to my laptop and choose a nice fifteen-minute section of it to score in the next year.
  12. Counterpoint homework
  13. Build a theremin (if the parts arrive)

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