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Thursday, March 01, 2007

I get a D in life. Vitamin D.

Man, I have felt wretched the last few days. Spring, I'm ready. This is your cue. Please to be making with the sun 'n' happy shit now.

In the interest of staying positive, here are some neat things that have happened to me recently.

I've decided to rehearse So You Want to Write a Fugue for the Prairie Home Companion talent competition. Garrison Keillor is sure to eat it up! I really don't see how this plan can fail, unless I lose motivation in the next three weeks, which might happen if there isn't some decent sunshine soon.

Matt and I decided to buy a Paia theremin. We'd been talking about it for years. I will put my soldering talent to good use and afterward create spooky noises in mid-air.

I recently visited the Composing Thoughts blog at WITF, and was consumed by an urgent need to hear all the interviews. But how? Their airdates had passed. And transcripts aren't available. Inspiration struck. I volunteered to transcribe them all for the WITF website. It will take up a good bit of time, but when I'm done I will know the interviewees pretty intimately, which is awesome, since they include Corigliano and Elfman and Crumb.

I found a Kung Fu school nearby (not Karate or Tae Kwon Do, but actual Kung Fu) and I'm thinking about maybe taking that up again in the summer, if budget allows.

I was invited to participate in the honors society at WCU, which is unlike many other honors societies in that it's actually a college. To graduate with an "Honors Supplemental Certificate," I'd have to take twelve extra credits of honors classes, which are mostly about leadership and helping the community, with some obviously politsci courses thrown in for good measure. I'm thinking about it. There's an honors trip to South Africa in Spring 2008 to volunteer in an AIDS orphange, which sounds incredible. The only downside would be the politsci-type courses, which are probably full of politsci students.

Oh, also, for the application, I have to write an essay about which three famous people, living or dead, I would invite to a dinner party. Sort of makes me feel like I'm a contestant in the Miss America pageant. There's no way I'm choosing Jesus or Gandhi, but I was thinking about John Simpson (it's a toss-up between him and Helen Thomas), Oscar Wilde, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali (see below).

  • Jack Chick! Click on the testimony link for a hilarious story about the real Bad Bob who set his pants on fire in jail! So much hilarity!

  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali - my hero? I should read her book. I'm hoping she only joined the Enterprise Institute to subvert it.

  • American Shaolin. I heard Matthew Polly on the radio the other night, and should probably read his book this summer too.

  • Complaints Choirs of the World
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