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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Australia Goes to Shit Week

Christ. I leave my motherland for a few years -- a blink of an eye, really -- and things go to shit. My father (biological, not my late stepdad, obviously) is in court over something really sordid, and his wife is calling around looking for money to cover costs. My mum received a phone call.

I know my father's wife meant well, but come on. Don't call my mum. She has enough issues, one of which is being easily upset because she has a fucking terrible case of bipolar disorder that lands her in psych wards once every year or two (and whenever Matt comes to Australia). She's trying to get her life together with Trevor. Don't bother her. I think I'm more disgruntled that they tried to drag her into it than I am about the sordid stuff itself.

Add to that good friends who are (or have been) getting mixed up in a drug scene they really should be fucking smart enough to avoid. For fuck's sake. How old are we all again? Maybe I'm just mad because I'm on the other side of the world so everything I know is filtered over 10,000 miles of cable and gloss. But even if I were there, there's fuck all I'd be able do about it. People get off drugs in their own time. I'm not anyone's mother - and none of us should need mothers.

Then, this morning, I wake up to this:

Is this some sort of joke by the gay community or something? This can't be real. I mean, these aren't real Australians, right? They're American plants or Scientologists or something, aren't they? Please?

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