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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Verizon is the worst company on the planet

Oh. My. God. I just checked my bank account, and Verizon has deducted $229.97 from it. Motherfucking cunts. I can't fucking believe it. I spent 40 minutes on the phone to them last week getting those charges cleared, and what do they do? Deduct them straight from my account. What in the motherfucking fuck.

Looks like the billing department at Verizon is going to wake up to some hair-raising yelling come eight o'clock tomorrow morning. You better pray you're late into the office, Verizon employees; there's one motherfucking angry consumer itching to reach through her phone and rip your goddamn scrotum off.

10:43 EDIT: I just got off the phone to Verizon. The first thing I said was "I want to know what the hell this payment is on my account." The CSR freaked out that I said "hell" (I'm not kidding. "Don't use profanity. I'm getting my supervisor.") and ran to a supervisor. The supervisor, Jodie, was totally fixated on the fact that my account is linked to a debit card instead of a credit card and at first tried to blame my troubles on that. She was also one of those hyper-annoying representatives who think they can calm people down my talking over them and refusing to listen to the point the customer is trying to make, so consumed is she with her own agenda.

After screaming at her repeatedly - and yes, actually crying with rage - she suddenly decided to listen to the words coming out of my mouth and realized that Verizon made a terrible mistake. Apparently, the CSR I spoke to last week, as I requested, changed my service from 15mbps to 5mbps. When he did that, he took me off a 12-month plan and put me on a month-to-month plan, incurring a setup fee and equipment charges. It only took them two business days to charge me, but it's going to take them one to three billing cycles to refund my money. That's one to three months. One to three months in which I can't tile my bathroom or pay my cellphone bill because Verizon stole $230 of my money.

So, not only is Verizon incompetent, they are fucking evil to boot.

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