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Monday, January 08, 2007

Pictures from NYC

I nearly called in during a radio show again the other day. This time, there was an astrophysicist (apparently the host of a new Nova program, and hailed as the successor to Carl Sagan) on Science Friday discussing, well, science. Anyway, I wanted to ask about the effect of the space program on our environment, especially given the push by some entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos to turn space into a tourist destination. If the regular earth-bound aeronautical industry vastly affects weather patterns and air quality, what would commercialized space flight do?

Then I discovered that my phone service has been suspended. During finals last month, I forgot to pay a bunch of bills. They all came in late this month, so we're flat broke. No phone for me! It doesn't really matter, since I never answer it anyway, but I couldn't ask my question.

I've been here for years, but the accent foibles continue. One night, a few weeks ago, I asked Matt to help me take the clothes off the line "before the dew gets them." He thought I had developed sudden paranoic antisemitic tendencies.

David Bowie turns 60 today. Happy birthday, Mr Bowie.
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