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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Back to school

I am three days into my second semester at West Chester, and I already have too much homework and feel like a walking zombie.

I'm loving my schedule, though. Firstly, I'm taking nothing but music classes. 19 credits of music theory, music aurals, music history, composition, counterpoint, private lessons and ensembles. Provided it doesn't drive me completely nuts, this ought to work well, since last semester I complained every time I needed to switch brain-gears from physics or women's studies to music. I'm also resolving not to do too much in the way of home renovation until break. I should rest on my laurels for a while after building a kitchen and finishing a bathroom (except for the tiling in the shower unit ... OK, maybe I'll do that this weekend).

Secondly, all my classes are in the brand new Swope Building, which is all kinds of awesome in comparison with the facilities at old Swope. The expanded music library even houses all the 780s that used to be in the main library. Since there's ample parking, and everything I need is in one place, I don't have to walk anywhere all winter. Bliss! (I'm resolving to avoid the elevators at all costs, however, for fear of becoming a hambeast from complete lack of physical activity.)

Thirdly, I passed my piano proficiency requirement for my degree, which freed me up to take up the bassoon. I have a shitty rented bassoon on my couch, which sounds remarkably like a sick goose when I blow into it. Apparently I'm required to join the concert band, which present problems since I currently can only play four or five notes with any consistency. Why the bassoon? I have no clue. It was one of those occasional sudden urges I have that more often than not turn out to be a good idea. If nothing else, it will help with any composition I might do for double reeds.

I composed that thing on the right there last semester and recorded it a couple of weeks ago. You can also find it on YouTube and MySpace.
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