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Sunday, December 17, 2006

I am on break, and it is glorious. What's more, I'm reasonably pleased with my finals, although I won't get my final grades until the 21st.

Things to do this winter break:
  • Continue where I left off on that small business thing I was blathering on about a couple months ago but failed to get off the ground before I became too busy, surprise surprise.

  • Record my set of "Variations on a theme by Trent Reznor," a ridiculous late-romantic-ish treatment of "The Frail" for cello and piano. It went over pretty well at my theory class's final performance, particularly the fugue variation, which is extra-ridiculous.

  • Work on the house. I've already started - there's only one more wall to drywall in the kitchen (the uber-tall wall, now that the ceiling is vaulted), and in a few hours, I should finally have the second glass block window in the bathroom constructed.

  • Practice the cello some.

  • Create/memorize dozens of Sibelius keyboard shortcuts. God, I want this so badly.

  • Masturbate and torture small animals.
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