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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Click for pictures from last weekend's trip up to Shippensburg University to speak to the National Broadcasting Society's convention about No Sanctuary. Yes, there I am overpowering a very large master martial artist! That's how entirely powerful I am!

This week has been very interesting. I discovered that someone I know at the university supports Rick Santorum. I discovered this by loudly announcing at the beginning of a lesson, "Hooray! Santorum is out of office! Christ, I hate that lunatic bastard!" Awkwardness ensued.

A few hours ago, I had a really horrible recital. Oh, well-meaning people try to be nice to me about it, but I know it was horrible, and so do they, which is why they say things like "Well ... it was very musical!" and "So much personality!" and "It takes such guts just to get up there and play!" Goddamnit, I'm not retarded! I know the code-words! I was a child competition actor, for god's sake. There isn't a negative judgement in the book you can stealthily slip by me - I heard them all from stage mothers before I reached puberty.

The preceding paragraph brought to you by the Board of Low Self Esteem. I'm Mormolyke and I approve this message, though my approval isn't really worth anything anyway, and what the hell would I know.

In further fux0red news, some dick tried to disrupt five of Matt's Nine Inch Nails eBay auctions. He registered as mattdunphy and pinisnvaginis. Yeah, you heard right. If I were eleven years old and slightly inbred, I might think it was amusing and clever! Oh well. At least it's easily taken care of.

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