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Monday, November 13, 2006

I want the world

Since I was so indulgently mopey about the recital on Thursday, This weekend I returned to DIY. I laid cementboard in the kitchen in preparation for tiling, and gutted the remaining wall in preparation for drywall. My hands are covered in abrasions, my spine hurts in three separate places, my legs are a world map of bruises, and it feels great.

Matt was away in Hanover for the weekend recording Slow Andy. I am so jealous that I'm not doing any band-type activity at the moment. Am I slowing down in my adult years? I swear there was a time when I could do it all at once.

At least I've come to reflect philosophically on the recital. It was my first solo performance in over a decade; it's not a tragedy if it wasn't great. I'll do better next time. And I can sort of pretend I'm in a performing band occasionally when Slow Andy invites me onstage to 'sing' 'Gay Bar' (see above). I should definitely organize some Tears for Agnes jams this winter.

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