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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Looking up

Matt has two job offers! Everything will be OK soon.

However, our former landlord is totally getting a Fecalgram as soon as we can afford one. In a surprising twist, the Downingtown post office found our rental deposit check (see last entry below), but upon opening the envelope, we discovered our ex-landlord had deducted nearly $300 for a bunch of BULLSHIT. For example, he complained that he had to clear the basement of "flammable liquids." What a load of shit. The only liquids in the basement were tins of paint and the like - which were already in there when we rented the apartment. He also charged us for the repair of the kitchen drain. Yes, the drain is faulty. We complained about it months ago, and it wasn't fixed. Now he wants to charge us for it? For the official internet record: Kenneth Smitley is a cunt.

Anyway, I'm still stressed, but I'm delighted about Matt's employment sitch, so things are looking up.
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