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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The bow that goes PING!

What is life like for me as a college student at the moment? I have a list of tasks that looks something like this:
  1. Cello practice: Single octave single string scales, Dotzauer arpeggio exercise, Bloch Supplication, thumb position scales.

  2. Piano practice: Sing and play Willow Weep for Me, Bach Prelude in F minor, scales

  3. Singing practice: Exercises, Mozart Exultate, Handel V'adoro

  4. Strings masterclass: Read Stage Fright by Cato Havas, prepare excerpt for performance, listen to Starker versus Rostropovich and Heifetz versus Oistrakh, prepare notebook of comments on classmates' performances

  5. Music Theory: Revise chapters 1 through 21 of theory book, read chapter 22 Neapolitan 6th, familiarize self with Sibelius

  6. Music Aurals: Practice sing-and-plays, sight-singing in solfege

  7. String Quartet: Practice Beethoven String Quartet No. 4

  8. Orchestra: Practice Rienzi Overture, Rachmaninoff's Symphonic Dances

  9. Chamber Orchestra: Practice Dvorak Serenade

  10. Astronomy: Remind self how much you hate Physics

  11. Women's Studies: Read essays, prepare interview questions, prepare collage assignment (yes, I have a goddamn collage assignment), post discussions on messageboard, prepare discussion questions on index cards

  12. Other: fix cello case, fix cello bow, purchase rosin, pay bills, install cementboard in kitchen, upper back rehabilitation exercises, speak to husband at least once daily


At orchestra rehearsal on Friday night I was playing some rough section of the Symphonic Dances when PING! SWISH! The plastic faceplate on the tip of my bow snapped in half, shooting shards across the room, and the horsehair popped out and fanned out all over my lap. Bugger. Area string shops want to charge me a fortune to fix it. Luckily, Slow Andy had a gig in Harrisburg this past weekend, so I left the damned thing with Violin Makers, the store where I originally purchased it.

Apparently I need to have my bow rehaired every six months to prevent this from happening again. Every six months!? Sheesh. Cellos are high maintenance.

I need to come up with around $150 to fix and rehair it. Oh noes! But never fear; I'm fortuitously being paid precisely that amount to be in a Shippensburg University TV commercial. Watch for me on some local Harrisburg station.

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