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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Australia: The Deadly Country

Australia pics are up
. Above are a few picks, but there are many to look at.

This Labor Day weekend was spent engaged in hard labor; we put down the kitchen subfloor. Now we no longer have to dance across joists suspended over a gaping, stinking earth pit to get out the back door. Ripping out a rotting floor, sistering the joists, installing cross-beams, leveling everything up, and putting down a rock-solid new floor is empowering! 1-2-3-success! We can do anything!

All this home improvement has meant that I've fallen behind in school work, and it's only the second week of classes. Ah well. What would education be without a good, solid cram?

I heard that Steve Irwin died, which was a matter of some surprise to me, although God knows why. My friend (and bridesmaid) John sent me this e-mail, which I will quote here verbatim without permission because I think it's apropos:
"Explaining to children why Steve Irwin died is proving difficult."

Really, that sentence was on tv, Channel 9 news.

Jesus, that's the limit for me. This fucking thing has been all over the fucking tv for the past 24 hours, and that's the limit.

I mean, we're in Australia, every child, every single fucking child in this country is told "don't play with the snake", "don't play with the spider", "don't play with the scorpion", "don't play with the blue ringed octopus/stone fish/stingray/cane toad/crocodile/shark/ [insert any one of the billion other critters that will kill you in this country]".

And they're telling us it's difficult to explain why Steve Irwin died???

Ah, okay, I see, the problem is the kids who can't help but ask, "why didn't he die ten years ago mummy?" And all the parents are stumped "I don't know Jimmy, I just don't know."

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