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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Priceless gem from the comment box

Two hours ago, I received this priceless comment from an anonymous reader regarding a blog entry I posted over a year ago:
Gee, I'm glad I saw this blog. Cuz I'll do everything I can to stop any petition. I'm not going to allow a song written by a group of jackasses I've never heard of actually become our state song. There's nothing wrong with the song we have now about our country side and our history (unless you live in Philly). Personally I think it's not any of your buisness what our state song is unless you were born in this state. No one wants the opinon somebody who just moved in and I definately don't think our state song is up to some idiot from Germany. There are a ton of songs about PA and do u really believe that a parental advisory-marked song would become our state song?

Too many things at which to laugh. "Idiot from Germany"? Do you think he confused Australia with Austria? In any case, I sincerely hope he never breeds.

In sadder news, the State Library of Queensland is closed for renovations until early December. This depressed me. However, Matt and I spent today at Lone Pine doing cheesy things like hand-feeding kangaroos and alerting rangers to the presence of a water dragon that had become good and stuck trying to climb through the links of a cyclone fence.
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