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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stiff and hard

Houses are hard work. Hard work. Hard hard hard.

I am very stiff.


My brain is pretty much gone. Stinking hot weather. Spent all day in the bathroom. Bought a tub for $5 because of a little damage. Put together the plumbing. It leaks. Need to fix that tomorrow, then install the tub, and then I might even be able to take a shower.

We pee in a bucket.

There is superfast fiber optic internet, though. Thus proving that I can live without a toilet, as long as I have the internet.

Oh yeah, saw myself in Harrisburg Magazine, looking very shiny and somewhat sheepish. Huzzah, I am one of three finalists, and will be in next month's issue too. I have to wear a nude thong to the photoshoot, and I'm not allowed to wear colored nail polish. I wonder if they'll mind if there's large quantities of grey thinset mortar under my nails instead? And also probably in my coinslot?
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