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Monday, July 10, 2006

Achieving the smug liberal's dream

Today I spoke at fair length to a marine of twelve years who has fought in Afghanistan and Iraq and who despises his boss the current President with a white-hot burning passion. He harbors the kind of hatred I suppose you feel when you're forced to toss grenades at ten-year-old Iraqi children who come at you with AK-47s, probably because their families were killed in the name of a war fought for money and oil.

God, I felt like a vampire listening to him, sucking up every word he said. Coolest marine ever.

  • Cold Turkey -- Kurt Vonnegut. This is old, and I had read it before, but it's making the MySpace rounds, so I suppose I should post it in case there's anyone out there who hasn't seen it yet.

  • In the past few days, since the Gaza Strip has gone completely to shit again, I've been hearing a lot of the voice of the spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Mark Regev, on NPR. "Hey," I thought to myself as I digested his hardline defense of Israel's actions, "he reminds me of the motherland." Sure enough, it seems he grew up in Australia, and moved to Israel after getting his bachelor's degree at Melbourne Uni.

  • A fascinating NPR report on the linguistic capabilities of bonobos chimps. Fuck the linguist doubters, man! OK, the video clips aren't very convincing. But I want to believe the scientists. There are more videos here.

  • Saddam and Osama from SNL's TV Funhouse. Matt and I watch YouTube instead of television. The power of the FIBER OPTIC INTERNETS! IT'S FROM THE FUTURE!!11!!!!

  • It's not a mistake, dumbarses. They have him already. Duh.
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