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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mel meets some judicial heroes

I'm totally fried, but exuberantly happy. I stayed up till 4am last night tearing down wallpaper. I slept for three hours, woke up, and kept going. It was like obsession compulsion crossed with speed psychosis. I forgot to eat until about 2pm today, at which point I shoved two slices of potato bread in my mouth and kept stripping wallpaper while I chewed.

Then, in the afternoon, I came back to Harrisburg for Smart Talk. I was the floor director, which is a pretty cushy job. But that's not why I am exuberantly happy! The guests on the show were Judge Midge Rendell, whom I greatly admire for her position on the teaching of civics, and ... Judge John Jones! The judge in the Dover Intelligent Design case! I spent the entire show grinning and nodding at everything the two of them said, and then, probably because I'm totally fried, I CHEESED OUT after the show and gushed profusely. "You're my heroes! Judge Jones, you ... you are a beacon of sanity! Judge Rendell, as an immigrant who hopes to be a citizen one day, I couldn't agree with you more! OMFG I LUV YOUSE GUYS!" Judge Rendell suggested we have a picture taken together. I look like Rosie the Riveter, and my toes are curling in excruciating embarrassment at how cheesy I was, but it's worth it. Judge Jones III!

There's so much catching up to be done. So, in point form:

Harrisburg Magazine contest
No word yet. I will apparently have my picture somewhere in the next issue, looking all sweaty and flustered because I was idiotic enough to land myself a speeding ticket on the way to the studio.

Philly Shakes
I auditioned for the Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival and received a callback for Marina in Pericles. I was in chronic real estate mode when I went to the callback, plus I was late because I misjudged the travel time from Downingtown to Philly, so I'm not sure how the audition went. I at least got to put my amazing "pull a tune out of my arse and apply it to a cold read which involves singing" skill. Uh, does anyone understand that last sentence? The skill makes more sense in person, in the context of an audition.

Mormolyke's Bodice Shop
I started a Bodice Shop for the custom-making of those band tee corsets that have been doing so well on eBay. Nobody seems to be using the service, so maybe I'll just continue in the previous method by buying cheap vintage shirts on eBay and turning them around for $60-$100.

The Winter's Tale
Rehearsals have started for the Theatre of the Seventh Sister Shakespeare in Long's Park show. Perdita is a wonderfully small role, thank Christ. Starting Monday, I'll be teaching at the Seventh Sister Shakespeare camp, too, so it's shaping up to be a very iambic pentametric summer.

There was another bat in our house last week. Matt and I came home from the final night cast party to find it flying around our living room. I was a little tipsy and very tired, and so in no mood to try and catch it, preferring to crouch on the floor and yell every time it flew at my face. Bloody bats, flying at my face. I hate them. Matt waved at it feebly with a tennis racket. The next day, he courageously donned gloves and took it outside.

Home Improvement
My hands ache from gripping putty knives and scrapers. Luckily, the wallpaper is so old and decrepit that, in the downstairs rooms at least, it's peeling off the walls without the use of a steamer or chemicals - just elbow grease. I'm determined to have the living room free from wallpaper by tomorrow - including all three layers of wallpaper on the ceiling. Each layer is more hideous than the last; in addition to the horrible art deco floral crap that's on the surface, there's some tasteless textured green wallpaper with palm trees on it, and the first layer appears to be toxic cherry pink with roses. I can't begin to imagine the horror of a room papered from top to bottom in toxic cherry pink roses.

Urgh, so fried. Sorry if this entry is substandard.

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