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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Real estate hath murdered sleep

I had a very disturbing dream this morning that my ex-boyfriend wrote me a letter detailing everything that was wrong with me. Of course, since it's uber-difficult to read in dreams, he appeared suddenly in the room to read the letter aloud to me. Among the accusations were many forgotten wrongs I had committed against random people that I didn't even remember.

We haven't received a reply on the real estate offer, but of course, I can't stop thinking about the house. I suppose that's understandable. It's not every day you roll the dice on $80,000 or so.

Waking thoughts on this house:

  1. The roof is a standing seam metal roof, not just a plain old tin roof. Apparently, the lifetime of metal roofs like this is pretty much indefinite if they're taken care of, so perhaps we won't need to replace it after all. Many of the new ones come with 30-50 year warranties at least, so it's quite possible that it hasn't been changed since the house was built in 1930, and that might be OK.

  2. It's easier than I thought to reposition a stove in a kitchen. I still think it ought to be done by a professional, because gas scares me - even natural gas, which isn't very dangerous compared to propane.

  3. I found a solution to the need for more windows in the two upstairs rooms. I'm not sure how difficult a skylight is to install on a metal roof, but I sent them an e-mail asking.

Maybe I'll go back to bed.
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