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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Plans and Provisions

Yesterday I went on my first home improvement shopping spree. I'm trying not to go crazy - I can't buy many supplies until have exact measurements of the rooms at our new house. I did buy a lovely random orbital sander, though.

Matt will be taking exacto measurements of each of the rooms today; he's attending the house inspection this afternoon.

I have to remain in Harrisburg. Today and tomorrow, we're building the stage for HSF's Free Shakespeare in the Park. This morning I got my first good look at a large patch of poison ivy, and I'm terrified it's all over my pants.

Speaking of nature, last week, I saw a red fox running around just off Cameron Street. It was my first good look at a wild fox. I was pretty chuffed.

Edit 6:00pm - I cut my hair. See above.

  • Ian McKellen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "In 2003, during an appearance on Have I Got News For You, McKellen revealed that when he visited Michael Howard, the Tory Home Secretary, in 1988 to lobby against Section 28, Howard refused to change his position but did ask him to leave an autograph for his children. McKellan agreed, but wrote 'Fuck off, I'm gay.'"

  • Oh. My God. I remember seeing the Gor books in secondhand bookshops when I was a kid first getting into scifi. Dog-eared covers with garish pictures of round-breasted, scantily clad women in various compromising positions, and titles like "Slave Girl of Gor." I can't believe people built a culture on that awful crap. I can't fathom how anyone would base their system of beliefs on goddamn science fiction novels. What the fuck is wrong with the world?

  • As Matt said, and I agree, "I consider myself pretty addicted to computers, and I have never had the 'cyber shakes.'" I think I would laugh my arse off at someone with the cyber shakes.

  • the perfect kitchen - though, of course, I doubt I can afford it.
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