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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

eBay madness

My idea of the worst job in the world is now an eBay lister. Over the past two days I have listed nearly 50 items on eBay, and by God, it is an uneviably tedious task. I would not take it on as a career for all the money in the world. Mind you, I'd never pay someone else to do it either, so I guess I'm stuck listing my own items.

The camera is full of pictures of eBay-ready crap, but Matt snuck in two shots of me sleeping with a curled up Tripoli.

Insert all the usual whining. People are dumb. The weather is terrible. I have allergies - and PMS. Hamlet finally wrapped up last Friday. Lear rehearsals begin today. I have a Romeo & Juliet next Monday, although we're having trouble finding a time to rehearse it. I haven't finished the business plan I promised myself I would finish by the end of April. Things are as overwhelmingly busy as ever. I really need a holiday sometime. I swing between feeling overwhelmed and tired in the morning and hysterically giggly and tired at night. Whine whine whiiiiine.
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