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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

  • The day of the beast approaches! If the antichrist really is being born, and if he is anything like Damien in the second and third Omen movies, I really must find him and make friends with him, because he was pretty cool, and kind of spunky. However, it's already been pretty well established that the real number of the beast is 616. Which means that, in all nations except America, the date passed in January, and in America, it's five days earlier than June 6. Or maybe it's June 16 of every year. Argh, numerology is retarded.

  • Mario Opera. Goddamnit. I was talking with fellow actors at the King Lear auditions about how badass it would be to do a Mario musical, and it seems like someone already got the idea. Which totally sucks, because mine would be better.

  • Cheese, Grommit!!!
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