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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Stress is pretty much through the roof now. All sorts of new pains are manifesting themselves in various sections of my body, including my hands, upper back, neck (of course), and head. A rather disturbing and intense pain on the left side of my torso from my armpit down to my waist kept me whining and pessimistic for hours last night. I wonder if I have enough Aspercreme to last the next two days.

I'm trying to treat the stress with meditation, but it's hard to clear my mind, and even harder to force myself to take two minutes out of every hour when I'm convinced that every second of preparation counts. My temporal paranoia is not helped by the fact I had three Popcorn Hat shows this weekend and a Seventh Sister rehearsal this afternoon, tomorrow is taken up with two school performances of Romeo and Juliet in Reading, and I have a presentation to give to my Ethics class tomorrow evening. I haven't even thought about that presentation yet, let alone prepped. I'm cutting out of class immediately following the presentation to drive to West Chester, where I'm staying overnight at the Holiday Inn. I hope the walls are thick enough for me to practice the cello at 10:00pm when I check in. On Tuesday morning at 8:00am, I have to register at the university for my audition.

Tuesday is my birthday. Haven't really thought about that yet, either, but I'm not particularly looking forward to being 26, which is the beginning of the end of the mid-twenties. Temporal paranoia.

Also in my arsenal of possibly useless coping mechanisms are two low doses of Prozac (placebos, really, but every Dumbo needs a black feather) and a Holosync demo tape. I don't think I would ever pay for Holosync music because it seems like such quackery, but freakily enough, the free demo tape does seem to work for me. It helped immensely when I was working 22-hour days pulling double duty at WHP and the Shakespeare Festival this time last year. If I listen to it more than once in a day, it actually tends to disrupt my sleeping patterns because I feel so awake.

And now, a picture for the upcoming season. I think this is wonderful:

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