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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Click to see me standing in the bedroom just now in the white dress I made for the Ross Care concert tonight. I think I successfully managed to make white look goth. The skirt is terribly unfinished - lots of raw hems underneath, and it's pinned in the back - but nobody could tell. It's the first time I've worn all-white since my high school valedictory.

The pissed-off expression on my face is there because Matt and Bill didn't make it to the concert. They arrived just as the concert was beginning, but at Open Stage, the doors are locked during shows to stop vagrants from wandering in. Not realizing there was an intermission in half an hour (we would have seen them and let them in at intermission), they walked around downtown, stopping back every now and then to find the doors still locked.

Thus, I was left scanning the crowd from the stage in vain during the show, wondering if Matt and Bill were somehow hidden in the shadows. Other than that, the concert seemed to go all right. The crowd was certainly appreciative.
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