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Thursday, March 02, 2006

We made the cover of the "Alive" section of the Cumberland County Sentinel:
Page 1 | Page 2
I'm mentioned in the article, and I appear in the picture on Page 2.

My audition information for West Chester University arrived yesterday! I'm to audition on either April the 4th or the 11th. The latter is my birthday, but I'd rather have an extra week to practice than take the day easy. Sean thinks I should tell them it's my birthday for that extra edge at the audition.

I'm very nervous about what I'll be playing at the audition, but the aural section looks remarkably easy. They sent an information sheet emphasizing how important the aural audition will be ("Often, students who score well on their audition are rejected due to a low sight singing score ... a lack of experience with vocal sight reading will put you in jeopardy or failing these courses, slowing your time-to-degree and quite possibly making it impossible to get a degree in music.") but it seems like a piece of cake to me. Not only are the melodies in diatonic major keys, there are no difficult skips, and the rhythms are very basic. Plus! I will get extra points for singing in solfege! Solfege is totally my specialty. I can sing in solfege till the cows come home. Fixed do, movable do, you name it. I'm trying to hang onto that for confidence, because thinking about the part of the audition where I play pieces I've prepared and hand them my ultra-slim composition portfolio is making me anxious enough to puke right now.

This week, we discovered that Matt's car (the Elantra) has a bad transaxle. There's metal in the transaxle oil and a bad bearing. I have absolutely no idea what that means, except that we're up for over $1000 in repairs.

In a bid to earn money, I finally threw the corset that's been sitting on my dressmaker's dummy for a month on eBay. Thanks to some blatant self-promotion on the Hotline, it looks like it's going to sell for a decent amount, and yesterday I got almost 30,000 hits to

I had a wacky dream last night. I dreamed that Matt and I bought a new pet, some sort of hybrid of a cat and a dog. It looked just like a kitten, but we took it to the vet to be neutered, and it came out of surgery looking like a puppy instead. As we walked away from the vet clinic, the puppy started displaying all sorts of behavioral problems. It wouldn't heel, and kept tugging at the leash. I walked ahead of Matt and the dog/cat and found myself in a field of long grass. At one end of the field was a tall cyclone fence, and tethered there in the gloomy shade of a tree was something gray and wrinkled with a strangely humanoid face that I somehow identified as a baby hippopotamus. As I walked through the grass, I suddenly realized that I was surrounded by snakes. A bright green tree snake reared up and bit me on the arm. I called out to Matt, but he shouted something dismissive and disappointing.

Interpret that.
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