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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Three blurry pictures of me as Ophelia in Gamut Theatre's educational tour of Hamlet. Wanna see it in person without the camera shake? Come to the public performances. $10 a ticket, and it's only 80 minutes of your time ...

File this under "Things that Make Me Sad for America": the other day at the supermarket, Matt and I noticed some new fruit in the produce section. They looked just like apples, but were packaged in fours and labelled "grapples" (along with some crap about how the name is pronounced "grape-ls"). We gave them a sniff and discovered they smelled just like grape juice, and, according to the marketing, they apparently taste like grapes as well. This excited us, because, well, we are suckers for fruit gimmicks, apparently.

However, when we brought them to the checkout, I took a closer look at the label, and wouldn't you know it? "Ingredients: Apples, Artificial Grape Flavor." I took them straight back to the shelves. Unbe-fucking-lievable. Here I was thinking they'd made some crazy new breed of fruit with some whizz bang grafting technique, but no, apparently they just soaked some apples in a fucking ester. Next they'll be injecting high fructose corn syrup directly into the fruit, mark my words.
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