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Sunday, March 05, 2006

I wish I could say I am engaging in an appropriately ghastly and rigorous practice regimen for my West Chester audition, but the truth is that I've merely started practicing for about an hour and a half a day. Lame. If I can triple that by the end of the week, I might be OK.

God, I hate cram-practicing. It's really stupid. I remember doing it for most of my AMEB exams back in high school. It was dumb then, and it's dumb now. Yet, for some retarded reason, I'm never properly motivated to do something unless I have a deadline.

This morning I finished writing down my incidental music for The Glass Menagerie for the first time. During the performances last year, I worked mostly from a few jotted notes and scraps of manuscript on which I'd scribbled a couple of musical snatches that wouldn't stick in my memory. The best thing about being the solo performer as well as the composer is that I don't have to bother writing much down. Now, of course, that has to change, since I have to present something to WCU. While I was at it, I composed two completely new variations on La Cumparsita which I like much better than the original music, but which may actually force me to practice the violin before the show reopens on April 18.

I could ramble for much longer about things like this, but I shouldn't.

Oh, someone came to Frog and Toad this afternoon wearing a shirt which proclaimed in large letters: "ABORTION IS HOMICIDE." What a great idea. Maybe I should start attending children's theatre in my "GOD HATES WOMEN" t-shirt. Oh wait, I don't own a "GOD HATES WOMEN" t-shirt. Damnit.

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