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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

File under "Haaaaaah WOW!": I received an e-mail from Adam, an old friend I used to work with at GE...
Justin was playing a gig at the Hopetoun Hotel a while ago...

Justin is another old friend from GE (the gig was possibly being played by this band, though last I heard, he was in a few different groups). But I'm interrupting the awesome story...
..and afterwards we went to the restaurant upstairs... I don't know if you ever went there, but there are bookshelves lining the walls. So while waiting for the food, I had a wander about and spotted a copy of Cryptonomicon. I brought it back and said "hey - have you ever read this? It's really good..."

Anyway, we worked out that we'd both borrowed the book from you - and then as I was putting it back on the shelf I noticed something written on the inside... "Melissa Shong". How creepy is that? Did you know that's where that book had ended up?

No, I didn't know! In fact, I was just wondering where my copy of Crypto had disappeared to the other day (my first copy, that is. Tony still has my second). C-c-c-c-crazy!!!

I remember the Hopetoun. Played there a few times with a few different bands. I think that was the venue at which I first realized that I'm far less nervous during a gig if I spend a few seconds talking to the audience through the mic during the show. I don't think I ever left Crypto there, though. Mystery!

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